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For this was a man on a bike rather than a genuine cyclist, clad in corduroys shelving solutions and a nondescript brown downhill vest. And goodness, there have music teacher jobs been a lot like him out there during the Tube strike.

We are based in Essex in England close to where company was originally established 1880 (see our About page). We source many bikes from the best Motorhome suppliers around the world and have developed a fantastic range of bikes for you and your family. We invite you to take a look, find the one you like and then visit one of our dealers to try one for size.

So have a look around whether you're looking for some new people to ride with or some new places to go, or local bike shop reviews. 

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We recently suffered around two weeks of downtime due to a 'disk issue' one day after I leave for a cycling holiday. Anyway, the site lost abit of data, but everything is back.Cycling Online